Ace Scheduling Consulting Services, Inc. is a Jacksonville small woman-owned business established in 1995 as a Construction Management Services firm. Locally owned and operated in the greater Jacksonville, FL area, Ace schedules and controls projects for developers here in the U.S. and abroad. Boasting a most impressive client base and technical expertise, Ace Scheduling has proven to be a practical solution for strategic planning and project management controlling.

Ace Scheduling has been leading the way in Construction Management Services from high-rise building construction to manning and controlling Power Outages with local power companies. Government funded projects have been entrusted to Ace by the Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Defense (DOD), and Department of Transportation (DOT). Ace has been employed to plan and schedule the most technical projects with Nuclear Power plants and facilities.

Ace is registered with the CCR.


10 yrs Nuclear Power
2 yrs Solar Plant
15 yrs Capital Improvement Federal Gov.
8 yrs Building Construction – Road – Casinos -Utilities
25 yrs Primavera Consulting Training
15 yrs Environmental – Waste Management & Remediation Programs
2 yrs Transit – Airports – Light Rail
2 yrs Dept. of Transportation

Cost Estimation, Staffing, and Scheduling for large scale developments and industry specific projects requires specific skill and aptitude and this is exactly why Ace exceeds its clients' expectations. Offering technical talent, competent and efficient services at competitive rates is where Ace has gained a competitive edge in the Construction Management and Environmental Engineering industries.

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